FALL INTO FASHION – Styling Your Fall Boots

FALL INTO FASHION - Styling Your Fall Boots

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Time for Fall fashion trends! I’ve got tips for all the big fall fashion 2013 trends for your feet in shoes, boots, wedges, menswear, flats and stacked heels…

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25 Responses to “FALL INTO FASHION – Styling Your Fall Boots”

  1. keisha moore says:

    you are so cute and so much fun to watch!

  2. Silin Li says:

    I’m not super thin or super curvy, but my hips are relatively large for my
    frame. I wear anywhere from size 0 to 3 in pants, and I wear a small in
    shirts. I’m 5’4″ and I have a longer torso in proportion to my legs, and my
    waist is really small. I find that if I wear skirts and dresses my hips are
    covered and I look really skinny. Not much curve up top, and narrow
    shoulders. What shape am I? :I

  3. TumblinTofu says:

    I’m petite with a straight figure. Curves don’t exist in my body
    vocabulary. lawl.

  4. ULiRD says:

    Isn’t this a reupload? :S

  5. Genesis Romero says:

    I have huge thighs HELP D;

  6. carrieckmax says:

    I alway feel like going out shopping after I watched chriselle’s video :D

  7. StyleAndMusicSecrets says:

    My shape is hourglass , tall and thin .

  8. Misha Melissa says:

    part of my problem with knee high boots is that my calves are really
    muscular so it’s hard to find ones that actually fit LOL. but i found a
    pair that fits just fine!

  9. Alice K says:

    Glad to see im not alone here (:

  10. ClassicRock109 says:

    I wish u did combat boots but loved it anyway

  11. monkey777712 says:

    can you do a video on the best type of boots/brands to buy?

  12. babYKittyization says:

    OMG… that leopard bootie…. I’m dying of it… love…love it so much….

  13. Amoroussparkle says:

    I would say pear :)

  14. Wong yi wen says:

    pls do bikini for different body types! lotsa love from malaysia! <3

  15. victoriamarie139 says:

    sounds like hourglass/curvy

  16. Rae2128 says:

    In every video girls from hot climate areas can use these styles all year
    round… while the rest of us need to wait til summer. But even then -_-

  17. FrostyMint02 says:

    can you do a video on how to make your legs look longer! you can use
    Michelle as your model, since she has short legs too :)

  18. Riefa Shikin says:

    pairings with leather skirt please!

  19. misssparkle37 says:

    Hi how do i know what is my body type?

  20. StyleAndMusicSecrets says:

    Curvy , like Demi Lovato ! Check out&subscribe my channel for more style :-)

  21. Phuong Tran says:

    im straight body figure!! but im also very short!!

  22. MsVsbarbie says:

    You are my absolute favorite YouTube artist! Everything is well thought
    through and you’re so kind to everyone I really love your videos you’re
    doing a great job!

  23. Jess DeCoux says:

    Wow awesome video as always please check out my channel

  24. Yusang Yonjon says:


  25. Nimaway12 says:

    I was not crazy about any of the boots….sorry, but :P!! Not for me.