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Russians seize Ukrainian air force base in Crimea; shots fired
“As they broke inside the base territory a man in civilian clothes went out to them appearing to want to negotiate but they brought him down with a rifle butt and started kicking him with their boots and rifle butts,” Klimov said in a phone interview …
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Madonna's daughter Mercy is a ray of fashion sunshine while the pop star looks
Carrying a baseball cap, the star accessorized her already unstylish look with a pair of frameless sunglasses and black studded ankle boots on top of which her tracksuit pants gathered. If her outfit did not suggest she was in a hurry as it is, Madonna …
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Swing into spring with smart menswear trends
Trendsetters are fashion-fixed on a number of winning spring styles: layered denim, sporty apparel, stripes of all kinds, neon pants and business blues. For the lowdown on sizzling spring trends, style … “Denim is a wardrobe staple and huge this …
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