My Winter Boots Collection Video

Hello everyone, i am doing a winter boots collection video. All those boots are my favorite for this winter season. Hope you enjoy it. Besides, I wish you ha…
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11 Responses to “My Winter Boots Collection Video”

  1. Marleen Melina says:

    sweet video as always, but i have to say that the backround music is maybe
    a little bit too loud, its hart to understand you :/

  2. alan doyle says:

    love your long suede boots

  3. Mecildes Dutra says:

    Hello i love wearing uggs and love the look of hunter boots but for the
    snow?! I thought the snow and salt would ruin them. i’ll be moving to
    somewhere that snows a lot and i would like to know your opinion

  4. pigpong12 says:

    what song is in the background? and nice shoe collection .

  5. Joey UGGs says:

    Great collection a truly awesome video i subscribed :-]

  6. VivianFabulous says:

    @MessLovesMac Hi, I am living in Switzerland the place snows a lot and I
    always wear my rain boots during the heavy snow days, because I feel it
    looks more stylish and it’s rabbet material, should be very easy to clean
    up. Besides, you have another option, snow boots it also looks cute and
    much warmer.

  7. beckylovesoreo1 says:

    i dont like the rain boots

  8. coachlady10 says:

    luv your boots!

  9. bootslover boots says:

    i love the suede over the knee wow!

  10. corvettedogg says:

    You got a nice collection!

  11. bootkeeper says:

    Why don’t you put them on?