Outfit of the Day! Ox Blood, Fur and Western Boots!

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14 Responses to “Outfit of the Day! Ox Blood, Fur and Western Boots!”

  1. Elizabeth Fisher says:
  2. emilieclarke says:

    OMG I looooove that skirt!!! Grrr!

  3. Glammin69 says:

    Wow- Im in love with the skirt! Where is it from ? You didn’t mention! I
    need it xoxo

  4. Sandrine Lanot says:

    what do you do for work?

  5. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    @fashiontabulous brrrrrr it’s okay! Off on my fun run in my Santa suit
    today :-)

  6. Glammin69 says:

    Oh okay it’s topshop i didnt notice :) Need to get myself one

  7. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    @Sandrine Lanot I work in a Buying Office at a Department store x

  8. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    @Cam Mar no way!!!!! Brrrrrr me too :-)

  9. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    @Glammin69 get to it ;-)

  10. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    @Glammin69 it’s so nice and comfy! I want it in other colours! X

  11. Andrea Martin says:

    Its supposed to get to -9c, I hope it warms up soon.

  12. fashiontabulous says:

    you look super cute! im sorry its so freezing!

  13. duncster54 says:

    Love that skirt! Will you be doing a vid on your braces?

  14. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube: