Seven outfits for winter! MY HAIR COLOR & INFO– — FUZZY KNITS — Sweater: Light In The Box Boots: JustFab — LEATHER DETAILS — Ruffl…

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25 Responses to “WINTER FASHION TRENDS 2014 | Lookbook”

  1. PhaMa1002 says:

    I died, came back to life, and died again while watching this video! Gf
    why u do them like dat? U brutally killed em! Ur the look book queen and
    that’s word.

  2. Ramona Alexander says:

    talk about amazing everything i would wear and needs to some ah those for
    my closet :)

  3. Laura Asseauguste says:

    Loving the leather details outfit. Your lookbook is like a Gap commercial.
    Love it! 

  4. Nicole Rushing says:

    I wish I had your confidence. You look good and you know it. Your sense of
    style is bold and fashionable. I would love yo raid your closet.

  5. LightLove says:

    Love Love Love!!! As much as I shop and love fashion…you always give me
    something new to POP!!! Thanks for sharing and keep working it Lady!!!!

  6. Gail Harry says:

    loveeeee it!!!!! on the hunt for the jacket with the fur collar.

  7. dee doc says:

    You go Girl! The looks and editing were amazing.

  8. opul4 says:

    loved this! the first couple of outfits were my favorites and i really
    liked the music(:

  9. Amarie Jalloh says:


  10. natuREALessence says:

    loved it all!!!! 

  11. Keila J says:

    You’re absolutely gorgeous! Love the looks, thanks for sharing :) 

  12. ChelsNewNew says:

    Girl u killin it

  13. MrzCRiley says:

    I screamed at 3:00, love all, awesome!!

  14. MakeupArtistSociety says:

    I love that your pieces are from everywhere, mix matched to make
    effortless rich looks. she loves it !

  15. CityGurlLexi says:

    I love your style :) its classy, sexy and it doesn’t look like you tried to

  16. Makeupbytinu says:

    Gorgeous just found your channel today and I love what see. you are so

  17. Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

    The editing in your video is off the chain. Seriously.

  18. seejanesweat says:

    Love this.

  19. Jam Jamiei says:


  20. LaceNLeopard says:

    You make it look so EASY! FAB to the 10th power!

  21. Queen teshna says:

    Killing it girl ! Love all the outfits
    Your editing is always on point 

  22. Nivea HeartsBeauty says:

    YOU ARE TGE SHIT!!!! got me cursing on a sunday lmbo I love every look!!
    Not watching no one else video for the rest of the week lol yoi killed them
    hoes!!!! Aaaaye! Always do tho in my opinion, been riding with you about
    3yrs and I really appreciate all your vids girl

  23. FashionDivaTV says:

    Love the look-book!

  24. HAIRMODEL4YOU says:

    You rocked every outfit. …

  25. NaturalNeiicey says:

    love ur style!!!!